Dairy / Eggs / Meals

Tggc Pizza Super Tuscan 680gm
$11.53 each $1.70 per 100g
The Margaret River Dairy Strawberry Yoghurt 750g
$8.45 each $1.12 per 100g
The Margaret River Dairy Vanilla Yoghurt 160g
$3.02 each $1.89 per 100g
Wattle Valley Haloumi 180g
$9.43 each $5.23 per 100g
Zoosh Dip Gherkin 185gm
$3.02 each $1.64 per 100g
Zoosh Sweet Chilli & Lime Dip 185gm
$3.02 each $1.64 per 100g
B/​Cow Butter Unsalt 250g
$6.77 each $2.71 per 100g
Barossa Valley Haloumi
$11.95 each
Bega Strong & Bitey Vintage Natural Cheese Slices 500g
$12.07 each $24.14 per kg
Boost Juice Supafruit Immune 1 Litre
$8.24 each $8.24 per litre
Brunswick Parmesan Shred 250g
$7.33 each $2.94 per 100g
Community Co Beef Ravioli 625g
$6.30 each $1.01 per 100g
Community Co. Stuffed Green Olives 180g
$3.67 each $20.38 per kg
Coon Cheese Tasty Block 250gm
$7.24 each $28.96 per kg
Dari Hummus Beetroot 200g
$8.38 each $4.20 per 100g
Dari Hummus Mediterranean 200g
$8.38 each $4.20 per 100g
Dari Hummus Olive 200g
$8.38 each $4.20 per 100g
Darikay Chicken Noodle Soup 550g
$6.28 each
Derry-O Chse Org Brie 200gm
$10.48 each $52.40 per kg
Dineamic-Free Range Chicken Mushroom Risotto 360g
$10.48 each $2.33 each
Flora Light Spread Reduced Fat 500g
$3.42 each $0.68 per 100g
Flora Margarine Spread Light 500g
$3.42 each $0.68 per 100g
Flora Proactiv Cholesterol Lowering Spread Buttery 250g
$6.30 each $2.52 per 100g
Harvey Cheese Fetta Herb/​Garlic 200g
$7.86 each $39.30 per kg
Ile De France Cheese Brie Au Bleu 125gm
$8.91 each $71.28 per kg
Kingland Yoghurt Soy Strawberry 250g
$2.92 each $1.17 per 100g
L/​Fresh Pump/​Chick Burger 250g
$11.53 each $4.62 per 100g
Lemnos Fetta Cheese Organic 180g
$7.08 each $39.33 per kg
Mainland Edam Cheese 250 G
$6.64 each $26.56 per kg
Masters Chocolate Flavoured Milk 300ml Btl (​6)
$3.13 each $10.44 per litre
Masters Iced Coffee 300ml Btl (​6)
$3.13 each $10.44 per litre
Masters Spearmint Milk 600ml
$5.23 each $8.72 per litre
Mndla Ricotta 250gm
$4.71 each $18.84 per kg
Moondarra Cheese Vintage Cheddar 150gm
$6.28 each $41.86 each
Normandie Pate Pistachios 150g
$5.44 each
Nudie Nothing But Carrot, Apple, Orange & Ginger 1l
$8.38 each $8.38 per litre
Palomba Black Olive Pesto 200g
$9.43 each $4.72 per 100g
Philadelphia Sweet Chilli Philly 250g
$5.19 each $20.76 per kg
Pilpel Beetroot Almond Dip 200gm
$7.33 each $3.67 per 100g
Prestige Cheese Camembert 125gm
$9.43 each $75.44 per kg
Remedy Organic Kombucha Lemon Lime And Mint 330ml 330ml
$6.28 each $1.91 per 100ml
Rr Deli Dip Rst Pkin/​Oni 150gm
$5.43 each $3.62 per 100g
Tggc Jalepeno Hommus Dip
$4.71 each
Tggc Pizza Suprema 680gm
$11.53 each $1.70 per 100g
The Dairy Viking Denmark Danish Blue Cheese 100gm
$10.48 each $10.48 per kg
The Margaret River Dairy Passionfruit Yoghurt 160g
$3.02 each $1.89 per 100g
The Margaret River Dairy Strawberry Yoghurt 160g
$3.02 each $1.89 per 100g
Vegie Delights 100% Meat Free BBQ Sausages 300gm
$9.43 each $3.15 per 100g
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