Dairy / Eggs / Meals

Adelaide Hills Camembert 200gm
$11.85 each $59.25 per kg
Bean Supreme Vegetarian Sausage Onion/​Parsley 300gm
$9.43 each $31.44 per kg
Bean Supreme Vegetarian Sausage Sage Parsley 300gm
$9.66 each $3.22 per 100g
Black Swan Yogurt Greek Low Fat 850gm
$7.33 each $0.86 per 100g
Brownes Hilo Milk 300ml
$0.94 each $4.18 per litre
Brownes Natural Yoghurt With Mango Passionfruit 170gm
$2.36 each $1.38 per 100g
Brownes Orange C Chilled Fruit Drink 25% Orange 600ml
$3.13 each $6.26 per litre
Brownes Ygt Blueberry 1kg
$7.33 each $0.73 per 100g
Cape Naturaliste Cheddar Smoked 150g
$7.33 each $4.89 per 100g
Chobani Fit Vanilla Greek Yogurt
$3.72 each $2.19 per 100g
Chobani Greek Yogurt Flip Mango Passion Tango 140gm
$3.55 each $2.53 per 100g
Chrystal Fresh Trio Cheese Selection 330g
$13.89 each $41.46 per kg
Daris Kitchen Zaatar Humous 200gm
$8.38 each $4.20 each
Lurpak Danish Butter Unsalted 250gm
$5.72 each $2.29 per 100g
Maggie Beer Duck & Orange Pate
$13.63 each $11.36 per 100g
Mainland Tasty Cheddar Cheese With Water Crackers 50 G
$3.62 each $72.40 per kg
Normandie Chicken With Green Peppercorn Pate 150gm
$5.44 each $3.63 per 100g
Pilpel Hommous Dip 200gm
$7.33 each $3.67 per 100g
Tggc Egyptian Hommus Dip
$4.71 each
Tggc S/​Dough Pizza Base 300g
$3.66 each $1.22 per 100g
The Margaret River Dairy Company Port Club Cheddar 150gm
$7.42 each $49.46 per kg
Wattle Valley Chunky Baby Spinach 150g
$6.07 each $4.05 per 100g
Wattle Valley Chunky Dip Sweet Chilli Red 150gm
$6.07 each $4.05 per 100g
Artisan Feta Persian Tap 360g
$9.12 each $2.53 per 100g
B/​Valley Feta 150g
$10.80 each $7.20 per 100g
Black & Gold Garlic Bread 2 pack
$2.53 each $0.57 per 100g
Black Swan Chunky Basil Parmesan & Cashews Dip 150g
$6.28 each $3.15 per 100g
Brownes 1l Calcium Plus
$3.13 each $3.13 per litre
Brownes Chill In A Bottle Choc Chill 750ml
$6.28 each $0.84 per 100ml
Brownes Chill Milk Strawberry 600ml
$5.23 each $8.72 per litre
Brownes Crm Thickened 500ml
$5.53 each $1.10 per 100ml
Brownes L/​Fat Yog Strawb 1kg
$6.18 each
Brownes Natural Yoghurt With Apricot 170gm
$2.36 each $1.38 per 100g
Chobani Greek Yogurt Vanilla 907g
$9.43 each $1.04 per 100g
Coon Cheese Light & Tasty Sliced 750gm
$14.49 each $19.32 per kg
Daily Juice Company Orange Juice 500ml
$4.18 each $8.36 per litre
Dari Hummus Harrisa 200g
$8.38 each $4.20 per 100g
Fosters Clark Vanilla Custard 1L
$4.57 each $0.46 per 100ml
La Casa Del Formaggio Mozzarella Ball 450gm
$8.91 each
Latina Beef Bolognese Sauce 425gm
$7.24 each $1.70 per 100g
Lurpak Danish Butter Slightly Salted 250g 250g
$5.72 each $2.29 per 100g
Maggie Beer Camembert Round 125gm
$9.43 each $75.44 each
Mainland Cracker Cuts Tasty Cheddar Cheese 120 G
$6.03 each $50.25 per kg
Normand Pate Chc&​Cointr 150gm
$5.44 each $3.63 per 100g
Normandie Pate Pods Black Peppercorn 4x50gm
$6.81 each $3.41 per 100g
Perfect Italiano Parmesan Grated 250g
$6.76 each $27.04 per kg
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 250 Gr
$5.37 each $21.48 per kg
Tggc Artichoke Spinach Dip
$4.71 each
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