Dairy / Eggs / Meals

Tggc Coconut Yoghurt 300g
$7.33 each $2.44 per 100g
Tggc Guacamole Dip
$4.71 each
Tggc S/​Dough Pizza Base 300g
$3.66 each $1.22 per 100g
The Margaret River Dairy Company Port Club Cheddar 150gm
$7.42 each $49.46 per kg
Zoosh French Onion Light Dip 185gm
$3.02 each $1.64 per 100g
Authentic Greek Feta 250gm
$6.81 each $2.73 each
Berri Juice Apple Blackcurrant 350ml
$3.03 each $8.66 per litre
Blue Cow Cracked Pepper Cheddar 200g
$11.53 each $57.65 per kg
Cape Naturaliste Cheddar Black Pepper 150g
$7.12 each $4.75 per 100g
Chobani Greek Yogurt Flip Mango Passion Tango 140gm
$3.55 each $2.53 per 100g
Chobani Tropical Greek Yoghurt Pouch 140g
$3.13 each $2.24 per 100g
Chrystal Fresh Trio Cheese Selection 330g
$13.89 each $41.46 per kg
Eta 5 Star Margarine Table Spread 500g
$3.06 each $0.61 per 100g
Gippsland Dairy Mango Passionfruit Twist Yogurt 720g
$7.33 each $1.02 each
Greek Family Farm Organic Greek Feta 200g
$8.38 each
Harvey Fresh Tempt Orange & Mango Juice 2l
$4.20 each $2.10 per litre
Maggie Beer Pheasant Farm Pate 120gm
$11.53 each $9.61 per 100g
Normandie Chicken With Green Peppercorn Pate 150gm
$5.44 each $3.63 per 100g
Nudie Dairy Free Coconut Yoghurt Natural 500g
$9.43 each $1.89 per 100g
Tasmanian Heritage Camembert Oval 125gm
$6.40 each $51.20 per kg
Tggc Egyptian Hommus Dip
$4.71 each
Watsonia Cheddar Matured 500gm
$12.06 each $24.12 per kg
Wattle Valley Chunky Baby Spinach 150g
$6.07 each $4.05 per 100g
Wattle Valley Delish Dips Baby Beets & Feta 200gm
$5.23 each $2.62 per 100g
Zoosh Dip Smoked Salmon & Dill 185gm
$3.02 each $1.64 per 100g
Zoosh Sweet Chilli & Lime Dip 185gm
$3.02 each $1.64 per 100g
Adelaide Hills Camembert 200gm
$11.85 each $59.25 per kg
Ballantyne Butter Salted 250g
$6.28 each $2.52 per 100g
Black And Gold Reduced Fat Shredded Cheese 500gm
$7.24 each $14.48 per kg
Black Swan Crafted Crispy Bacon & Caramelised Onion Dip 200g
$5.76 each $2.89 per 100g
Black Swan Olive Dip 200g
$5.23 each $2.62 each
Brownes L/​Fat Yog Strawb 1kg
$6.18 each
Chobani Greek Yogurt Flip Mint Chocolate Chip 140gm
$3.55 each $2.53 per 100g
Chrystal Fresh Dutch Edam 230g
$6.81 each $29.61 per kg
Chrystal Fresh Dutch Smoked 220g
$7.85 each $35.68 per kg
Cocobella Coconut Yoghurt Vanilla 170gm
$2.50 each $1.47 per 100g
Cracker Barrel Cheese Extra Sharp Sliced 250gm
$8.94 each $35.76 per kg
Flora Proactiv Cholesterol Lowering Spread Buttery 250g
$6.30 each $2.52 per 100g
Lurpak Spreadable Danish Butter Unsalted 250gm
$6.86 each $2.75 per 100g
Maggie Beer Camembert Round 125gm
$9.43 each $75.44 each
Real Cheese Tasty Cheddar Block 250gm
$6.28 each $25.12 per kg
Rr Deli Dip Rst Pkin/​Oni 150gm
$5.43 each $3.62 per 100g
Tggc Chilli Con Questo Dip
$4.71 each
Tggc Pizza Suprema 680gm
$11.53 each $1.70 per 100g
Zoosh Spicy Mexican Flavour Creamy Dreamy Dip 185g
$3.02 each $1.64 per 100g
B/​Valley Feta 150g
$10.80 each $7.20 per 100g
Bega Strong & Bitey Vintage Natural Cheese Slices 500g
$12.07 each $24.14 per kg
Black And Gold Cheese Cheddar Mild 1kg
$8.87 each $8.87 per kg
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