Dairy / Eggs / Meals

Hunt And Brew Cold Brew Coffee Honduras 400ml
$5.76 each $14.41 per litre
Kraft Cheese Singles Original 216gm
$5.00 each $23.14 per kg
L/​Fresh Car/​Kal/​Chic Burger 250g
$11.53 each $4.62 per 100g
L/​Fresh Falafel 250g
$11.53 each $4.62 per 100g
Lo Bros Kombucha Raspberry & Plum 750ml
$10.48 each $13.97 per litre
Maggie Beer Blue Wedge 100gm
$8.38 each $83.80 each
Maggie Beer Chick Quince Pate 120g
$10.80 each $9.01 per 100g
Maggie Beer Duck And Green Peppercorn Pate 120gm
$11.53 each $9.61 per 100g
Mainland Cheese Vintage 200g
$7.33 each $36.65 per kg
Mainland Cracker Cuts Tasty Cheddar Cheese 120 G
$6.03 each $50.25 per kg
Mainland Extra Tasty Cheddar Cheese 250 G
$7.33 each $29.32 per kg
Mainland Extra Tasty Cheddar Cheese With Water Crackers 50 G
$3.62 each $72.40 per kg
Mainland Gouda Cheese 250 G
$7.33 each $29.32 per kg
Masters Strawberry Milk 600ml
$5.23 each $8.72 per litre
Nfc Port Paprika Olives 350g
$7.33 each
Normandie Pate F/​R Chicken & Champagne 150gm
$5.76 each $3.84 per 100g
Normandie Pate Pistachios 150g
$5.44 each
Normandie Pate Pods Black Peppercorn 4x50gm
$6.81 each $3.41 per 100g
Nudie Coconut Water Straight Up 1l
$7.75 each $7.75 per litre
Nudie Nothing But Carrot, Apple, Orange & Ginger 1l
$8.38 each $8.38 per litre
Nudie Nothing But Carrot, Apple, Orange & Ginger 400ml
$5.23 each $13.08 per litre
Nudie Nothing But Cloudy Apple Juice 400ml
$5.23 each $13.08 per litre
Nudie Nothing But Mango Passionfruit & More Crushie
$8.38 each $8.38 per litre
Palomba Basil Pesto 200g 200g
$7.96 each $3.99 per 100g
Palomba Marinated Goats Cheese 200g
$9.43 each $4.72 per 100g
Per Tutti Spinach & Premium Italian Cheese Raviolo
$14.68 each
Philadelphia Sweet Chilli Philly 250g
$5.19 each $20.76 per kg
Pilpel Beetroot Almond Dip 200gm
$7.33 each $3.67 per 100g
Pilpel Sp Taramosalata Dip 180gm
$7.33 each $4.07 per 100g
Premium Tasmanian Pate Triple Selection Cracked Pepper And Orange Brandy And Smo
$6.45 each $3.40 per 100g
Real Cheese Pizza Shred 500gm
$7.33 each $14.66 per kg
Remedy Kombucha Original 330m
$5.65 each $1.71 per 100ml
Rok Kombucha Passionfruit 365ml
$7.12 each $19.50 each
Tggc Pizza Super Tuscan 680gm
$11.53 each $1.70 per 100g
Tggc Raw Cacao Yoghurt 300g
$7.33 each $2.44 per 100g
Tggc Soup Chicken & Corn 540g
$7.33 each $1.35 per 100ml
The Margaret River Dairy Vanilla Yoghurt 160g
$3.02 each $1.89 per 100g
Wattle Valley Camembert 200g
$12.58 each $62.90 per kg
Wattle Valley Chnk Sweet Potato Dip 150g
$6.07 each $4.05 per 100g
Wattle Valley Cream Cheese French Onion 110g
$4.18 each $3.80 per 100g
Wattle Valley Delish Dips Roasted Pumpkin & Basil 200gm
$5.23 each $2.62 per 100g
Western Star Unsalted Butter Chefs Choice 500gm
$8.01 each $1.61 per 100g
Zoosh Onion & Bacon Dip 185gm
$3.02 each $1.64 per 100g
Zoosh Sundried Tomato & Onion Creamy Dreamy Dip 185g
$3.02 each $1.64 per 100g
Artisan Connoisseur Olives 360g
$7.33 each $2.03 per 100g
Artisan Feta Persian Tap 360g
$9.12 each $2.53 per 100g
Ashgrove Cheese Wild Wasabi Cheddar 140g
$6.28 each $4.49 per 100g
Ballantyne Australian Salted Rolled Butter 250gm
$6.81 each $2.73 per 100g
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