Dairy / Eggs / Meals

Mainland Edam Cheese 250 G
$7.33 each $29.32 per kg
Mndla Ricotta 250gm
$4.71 each $18.84 per kg
Mundella Lactose Free Natural 500gm
$5.79 each $1.15 per 100g
Normand Pate Chc&​Cointr 150gm
$5.44 each $3.63 per 100g
Nudie Nothing But Orange Juice With Pulp 400ml
$5.23 each $13.08 per litre
Nudie Nothing But Tropical Breakfast Juice 2l
$9.43 each $4.72 per litre
Philadelphia Sweet Chilli Pourover 150g
$4.92 each $32.80 per kg
Preshafruit Juice Pink Lady 350ml
$5.23 each $14.95 per litre
Remedy Organic Kombucha Lemon Lime And Mint 330ml 330ml
$6.28 each $1.91 per 100ml
Wattle Valley Camembert 110g
$6.81 each $61.91 per kg
Western Star Spreadable Supersoft 375g
$6.03 each $1.60 per 100g
Zoosh Dip Gherkin 185gm
$3.02 each $1.64 per 100g
Zoosh Smokey Bacon Dip 185g
$3.02 each $1.64 per 100g
Ash Grove Havarti Jalapeno 200g
$8.38 each $4.20 per 100g
B/​Cow Butter Unsalt 250g
$6.77 each $2.71 per 100g
Babybel Mini Cheese & Crackers 40g
$3.02 each $7.55 per 100g
Black And Gold Cheese Cheddar Mild 1kg
$8.87 each $8.87 per kg
Black And Gold Reduced Fat Shredded Cheese 500gm
$7.24 each $14.48 per kg
Black Swan Yogurt Greek No Fat 850gm
$7.33 each $0.86 per 100g
Brownes 1l Calcium Plus
$3.13 each $3.13 per litre
Brownes All Natural Creamy & Sweet Low Fat Yoghurt 170gm
$2.08 each $1.22 per 100g
Brownes Chill In A Bottle Percolated Coffee 750ml
$6.28 each $0.84 per 100ml
Brownes Choc Chill 300ml
$3.13 each $10.44 per litre
Brownes Milk Banana Chill 300ml
$3.13 each $10.44 per litre
Brunswick Mozzarella 225g
$9.43 each $4.20 per 100g
Charlie's Honest Apple Juice
$4.18 each $13.93 per litre
Chobani Fit Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt 170g
$3.72 each $2.19 per 100g
Chobani Fit Vanilla Greek Yogurt Pouch 140gm
$3.13 each $2.24 per 100g
Chobani Greek Yogurt Black Cherry 170g
$3.72 each $2.19 per 100g
Chobani Greek Yogurt Flip Cookies And Cream Crunch 140g
$3.55 each $2.53 per 100g
Chrystal Fresh Entertainers Selection 365gm
$15.09 each $41.35 per kg
Community Co Beef Ravioli 625g
$6.30 each $1.01 per 100g
Community Co. Stuffed Green Olives 180g
$3.67 each $20.38 per kg
Dare Iced Coffee Espresso 750ml
$6.28 each $8.38 per litre
Derry-O Chse Org Brie 200gm
$10.48 each $52.40 per kg
Gippsland Dairy Mango & Blood Orange Twist Yogurt 720g
$7.33 each $1.02 per 100g
Gippsland Dairy Watermelon & Strawberry Twist Yogurt 160g
$3.13 each $1.96 per 100g
Harvey Cheese Havarti Garlic Pepper 200g
$7.33 each $3.67 per 100g
Hunt And Brew Cold Brew Coffee Brazil 400ml
$5.76 each $14.41 per litre
Jalna Ygt S/​C S/​Berry 1kg
$8.91 each $0.89 per 100g
Lemnos Crm Chse Crck Pepp125gm
$4.83 each $38.64 per kg
Lo Bros Kombucha Peach & Ginger 750ml 750ml
$11.53 each $15.37 per litre
Maggie Beer Chicken & Smoky Garlic Pate 120g
$10.80 each $9.01 per 100g
Mainland Light Tasty Cheddar Cheese With Water Crackers 50 G
$3.62 each $72.40 per kg
Mainland Organic Cheddar Cheese 400g
$10.86 each $27.16 per kg
Masters Mocha Milk 600ml
$5.23 each $8.72 per litre
Normandie Pate Pods Mixed 50g X 4pk
$6.81 each $3.41 per 100g
Nudie Dairy Free Coconut Yoghurt Vanilla 500g
$9.43 each $1.89 per 100g
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