Dairy / Eggs / Meals

L/​Fresh Car/​Kal/​Chic Burger 250g
$11.53 each $4.62 per 100g
L/​Fresh Falafel 250g
$11.53 each $4.62 per 100g
L/​Fresh Pump/​Chick Burger 250g
$11.53 each $4.62 per 100g
Landana Goat Chs Mild 180g
$11.53 each $6.41 per 100g
Landana Org Age Dutch Chse 180g
$11.53 each $6.41 per 100g
M/​Beer Truffle Cream Brie 200g
$11.53 each $92.24 each
Maggie Beer Duck And Green Peppercorn Pate 120gm
$11.53 each $9.61 per 100g
Maggie Beer Pheasant Farm Pate 120gm
$11.53 each $9.61 per 100g
Tggc Pizza Super Tuscan 680gm
$11.53 each $1.70 per 100g
Tggc Pizza Suprema 680gm
$11.53 each $1.70 per 100g
Tuart Dairy Medallions
$11.53 each
Y/​Fdz Coconut Curry W/ Pork
$11.53 each
Y/​Fdz Salad Chick Pasta Pesto
$11.53 each
Y/​Fdz Salad Falafel Pumpkin
$11.53 each
Y/​Fdz Salad Lamb Bals Feta
$11.53 each
Y/​Fdz Sweet & Sour Pork
$11.53 each
Y/​Fdz Thai Fish Curry
$11.53 each $3.49 per 100g
Y/​Fdz Turkey Rissole 265gm
$11.53 each $4.35 per 100g
Youfoodz BBQ Beef & Mash 295g
$11.53 each
Youfoodz Cannelloni Creamy Mushroom 280g
$11.53 each $3.49 per 100g
Youfoodz Clean Chicken & Sweet Potato Mash 255g
$11.53 each
Youfoodz Creamy Chicken Carbonara 280g
$11.53 each $4.12 per 100g
Youfoodz Crunchy Chicken Noodle Salad 330g
$11.53 each $3.49 per 100g
Youfoodz Portuguese Chicken 290g
$11.53 each $3.98 per 100g
Youfoodz Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks 310g
$11.53 each $3.72 per 100g
Youfoodz Steak With Mushroom Sauce 300g
$11.53 each
Lo Bros Kombucha Ginger And Lemon 750ml
$11.70 each $15.60 per litre
Adelaide Hills Camembert 200gm
$11.85 each $59.25 per kg
Barossa Valley Haloumi
$11.95 each
Blossom Bacon & Zucc Slc 350g
$12.06 each $3.44 per 100g
Blossom Pumk/​Spin/​Ric Slc 350g
$12.06 each $3.44 per 100g
L/​Hut Perth Vegan Smoky Chd 250g
$12.06 each $4.83 per 100g
Watsonia Cheddar Matured 500gm
$12.06 each $24.12 per kg
Bega Farmers Tasty Natural Cheese Slices 500g
$12.07 each $24.14 per kg
Bega Strong & Bitey Vintage Natural Cheese Slices 500g
$12.07 each $24.14 per kg
Per Tutti Agnolotti Beef Bolognaise
$12.12 each
Pertutti Mozarella Ravioli With Tomato And Basil 400gm
$12.12 each
T/​Dairy Brew/​Choice Chse 275g
$12.23 each $4.45 per 100g
Tuari Dairy Cheese Selection 275gm
$12.23 each $4.45 per 100g
B/​Cow Capel Ched Blk Pep 200gm
$12.37 each $61.85 per kg
Blue Cow Capel Cheddar 200gm
$12.37 each $61.85 per kg
Ha Ve Omg Trpple Cream 160g
$12.37 each $77.32 per kg
Tasmanian Heritage Camembert 250gm
$12.39 each $49.56 per kg
Cracker Barrel Cheese X/​Shrp Blk 500gm
$12.44 each $24.88 per kg
Fine Cheese Co Smoked Cheddar 190gm
$12.48 each $65.69 per kg
Woodside Chevre 150g
$12.48 each $83.20 per kg
Blossom Tw Pk Mediterr 270g
$12.58 each $4.66 per 100g
Blossom Tw Pk Pump/​Spin 270g
$12.58 each $4.66 each
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